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Art Classes for adults and teens age 16 and up.

Instructor: Richard (Whitey) Morange, Art Teacher with 37 years experience.                   

       “Learning to See”
Learning to look carefully at the world around you is an important skill, no matter what your profession.  Drawing is a good way to learn to pay attention to relationships, to perspective, to life! Anyone can learn to draw.  Try something new and give it a try.

 Observational Drawing - Part Two
We are programmed as human beings to recognize people and objects quickly, a holdover from when it could mean life or death to separate the predator from the background or friend from foe. Unfortunately, this “recognize and react” strategy is quite limiting when it comes to helping us reproduce a good likeness of objects or people in an artwork. The images we carry in our heads as aids to recognition often substitute for real observation. Learning to see what is really in front of you is important for many parts of our lives, and drawing is a great way to build this skill. This course will continue what we started in the fall class, but is appropriate for anyone who is interested in sharpening their observational skills and honing their facility with simple drawing materials. Students will be given some materials in the first class and a short list of suggested tools and paper will be handed out at that time.

The relationship between a good photograph and a good painting of the same object or scene is a complex one. Most beginners use too many different colors and try to “copy” the image, forgetting that the painting has to stand on its own as an artwork, not a copy. Starting with landscapes and still life photos, we will use acrylic paint to create compositions that work by themselves. The dynamics of light, composition and color all play a part in this, as does the techniques we use to apply paint layers on paper or canvas. A simple palette of student-quality acrylic paint and some canvas paper can be purchased quite inexpensively, but students are encouraged to bring their own materials to the first class to see what they may want to use. The first painting will be done from materials I bring to the class. Portable easels or painting boxes are a great plus and available at local stores, but not required.


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Observational Drawing 
Spring 2017
16 - 99  N/A  Th  04/13/2017 - 06/01/2017
6:00 PM - 7:15 PM

Gales Ferry Community Center - Event Room
$75.00 R, $85.00 NR
Students will be given some materials in the 1st class and a short list of suggested tools and paper. Registration begins March 1.